Another day, another plane

Sometimes I think there are many versions of myself that change in order to adapt to the environment. It occurs to me that I may or may not be a Changeling,

I’m not the best flier. I tend to get sick and puke a couple of hours after a long flight and if I don’t stuff my face with werther’s originals my ears and face go ‘ow’ for days. I also don’t like the bumpy bits. Alas, I was the child who couldn’t quite swing too high in the playground and hated using lifts.

I’ve got a plane trip all set tomorrow and I’m mostly ready. I have most of the things packed, and I have more or less a schedule I will attempt to stick by to. My phone broke last minute (sorry Max) so communication with the folks will be sketchy but my partner is coming with me and thankfully his phone hasn’t hit the bucket yet. Speaking of which, his phone has just charged to the point where I can set up an alarm for 7am. That’s less than 6 hours sleep at the time of writing. Least I know what I’ll be doing for the majority of the flight.

It’s weird, really. I feel I have many different “planes of existence.” Most of my friends could not possibly imagine how I am as a teacher in China, and many of my colleagues could not understand the many kinds of hobbies and social times I engage with during my free time.

But actually. It doesn’t really matter. I spend a little while writing a little rant, but then deleted it. No matter what facet one sees, it’s always gonna be the real me. I am many things and that’s okay.



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